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          The CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE (CDDP) aims for every individual or group (village, slum or a particular deprived/oppressed section of people) has capabilities or "SHAKTHI" (Potential) to develop themselves and others in the society.

But most among them are disadvantaged lacking opportunities and guidance for exposing their capabilities or shakthi.

            In order to make available these needed opportunities and guidance, CDDP was formed by a group of dedicated and service minded women in the year 1988.


      To develop those who are disadvantaged educationally, economically, socially and culturally through self-help and self-governing collective development activities. 


     The activities are undertaken on Gandhian lines of organizing constructive development actions through mobilisation of human and local resources.



  1. To promote people's organisations, especially for women / youth / village folk belonging to weaker sections and to strengthen them as self-reliant and self-governing development groups.

  2. To initiate need based training and development activities for eradicating illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, disease and disunity among the rural poor.

  3. To undertake life education activities through non-formal and Gandhian basic education systems.

  4. To conduct problem based community health activities and to regenerate faith and knowledge on Indigenous systems of medicine.

  5. To organise special activities for eradicating specific problems of children.

  6. To implement activities aimed at environment preservation and ecological balance.

  7. To propagate sustainable indigenous non-chemical agriculture activities.

  8. To innovate and implement innovate water purification activities

  9. To launch Information Technology based rural development activities.

  10. To coordinate and cooperate with various Government departments, national and international agencies and interested individuals or groups for organising various need based training and development activities on the basis of the aforesaid objectives.

  11. To provide other voluntary organisations the needed training, consultancy and evaluation services.

  12. To undertake necessary applied research programmes on rural/urban development.

  13. To organise such other activities which will help in utilizing constructively the untapped human and natural resources available in the society.


             Presently, 120 Villages in Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts of Tamlinadu State, India and 5 Villages in Andhrapradesh state of India comprise the project area.

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