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The Directorate of Technical Education , Chennai

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            The Canada – India Institutional Co-operation project (CIICP) is a Human Resource Development project initiated during the year 1991 through a MOU between Government of India (MHRD) & Government of Canada.

             The main objective of the CIICP is to improve the Human Resource Potential & to make the polytechnic structure an efficient one.

              Our Polytechnic was selected by the Government of Tamil Nadu as one of the replication polytechnics under sixth phase of the implementation of the initiatives of CIICP in the year 2003 – 2004.

The following thrust areas are processing under CIICP.

  1. Continuing Education

  2. Staff Development

  3. Student services

  4. Women in Development

  5. Industry Institute Interaction

  6. Environment development

  7. Management Information System

The above thrust areas are headed by the managers and backups.


           Short – term certificate programs 

  1. Computer Hardware Servicing and Networking

  2. Laptop Servicing

  3. Cell Servicing

  4. Auto CAD

  5. CNC

  6. Beautician

  7. Gold appraiser

  8. Spoken – English

  9. Tally

  10. Multimedia.

Under the Staff development program, our staff are attending short term training courses conducted by NITTR, Chennai and Engg Colleges TEQIP Program to enrich their Knowledge in their disciplines.

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