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Principal's Message

                       Greetings to all the students, faculty and staff members. I have recently taken over as Principal and look forward to all your willing cooperation in making a good progress for one and all in the College family. I call upon students and faculty members to make a concerted effort to improve upon academic worthiness wherever possible.


                       We need to focus on value based education and necessary employability skills. We need to maintain commendable level of conduct and admirable academic ambience to accomplish noteworthy goals.            

                       Discipline is the foundation for any achievement in life and it becomes much more important in a professional career. When there is remarkable improvement at the individual level, great progress can be achieved for the college as a whole and thereby to the society and the nation.

                       All the students must aim to get placed in good companies at the time of leaving the institution or continue their higher studies in India or abroad. The college has meticulously planned for organized efforts to be taken in every possible way towards producing responsible citizens for the country


TMT.P. Saratha M.E.

Office of the Principal

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